City, state finally seem in sync on overpass

There have been head-scratching times in the past when one had to wonder whether the city of Columbus and state of Indiana even talked to each other.

One example: Major intersection work on Interstate 65 was scheduled in downtown Columbus during a huge, annual local event.

That’s in the past, though, as all of the recent evidence shows that indeed top city of Columbus and Indiana Department of Transportation officials are not only talking, but collaborating on significant matters.

The biggest collaborative project is the $30 million overpass at the State Road 46/State Road 11 intersection, where traffic delays from increased train traffic would become crippling for local commuters without some outside-the-box relief.

Fortunately, that project appears to be coming sooner rather than later with the news that the Department of Transportation stands ready to move up the construction start to Nov. 19, 2019 — almost three years sooner than originaly expected — and cover $15 million, which is half of the projected cost.

We commend Mayor Jim Lienhoop and INDOT officials for realizing the importance of this project, and working together to fund the project and get it started as quickly as possible.

Columbus commuters will add their own thanks when they can avoid waiting a projected 20 minutes or longer a year from now for trains to pass through.