BURLINGTON, Vt. — The Burlington, Vermont, school board says it’s willing to meet any time with the teachers’ union after teachers have voted to strike.

Burlington Education Association spokeswoman Fran Brock says teachers voted on Thursday night to strike on Sept. 13 if the board doesn’t come back to the table and reach a settlement.

The board voted on Sept. 1 to impose a contract for a year. Last year the board imposed contract terms, but negotiators reached a one-year-deal before the strike was scheduled to begin.

The board said Friday that it’s willing to meet with the union.

In South Burlington, teachers also rejected a contract, but have no plans to strike.

This story has been corrected to show that Burlington teachers have voted to strike on Wednesday, not South Burlington teachers, Fran Brock is the education association spokeswoman, not Noah Everitt, who is spokesman for South Burlington’s union, and deletes a reference to a 2011 contract imposition.