CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A media company has asked a federal court to order the Charleston newspaper to pay almost $4 million after an arbitrator upheld its claims under their partnership to operate two newspapers in West Virginia’s capital.

MediaNews Group, which owned the Daily Mail, says the Daily Gazette Co. failed to pay $495,000 in past management fees, $1.8 million in future fees through 2024 and $1.5 million from selling the Daily Mail’s internet locator,, to a British paper.

The Gazette Co., which in 2015 combined the newspapers into the Charleston Gazette-Mail, said it had the right to sell the website to pay down debts and Denver-based MediaNews didn’t earn fees.

Arbitrator Edward McDevitt rejected those defenses, awarding MediaNews $3.795 million.

The newspaper’s lawyer is asking the court to vacate the arbitration.