GREENVILLE, Miss. — Overgrown lots and abandoned houses are a growing problem in a Mississippi city.

The Delta Democrat-Times reports the Greenville City Council heard complaints from residents last week.

Pastor Theautry Winters says as someone mowed an overgrown lot a few weeks ago, he and some other people saw rats, opossums and wild dogs scramble out of the grass.

City planning director Carlon Williams says she understands people’s frustration about blight.

Williams says her $150,000 budget is too little to maintain all the overgrown lots under city management. Greenville has cleaned about 500 overgrown lots this year, and a private contractor has maintained 200. The city has also demolished 75 structures, and the list is growing.

The state owns about 1,100 properties in Greenville and owes the city about $500,000 for cleaning.