The People Trail system in Columbus is one of the city’s most popular and valuable amenities. The pathways around the city allow residents to exercise by walking, running and riding bicycles, and to commute from one place to another.

Recently the People Trail system received a welcome addition that will help its expansion efforts.

The 107-year-old Newbern Bridge, which was removed from its location over Clifty Creek in 2015, has been refurbished and installed over Haw Creek, south of the 25th Street Bridge.

It will be part of a People Trail system extension that is scheduled to be open by mid-October. That provides it with a new future.

The bridge was removed from its original location in 2015 when it no longer was sound enough to support motor vehicles. Now it will carry only pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Adding the bridge to the People Trail system is one of the most recent examples of how the system has grown and expanded over the years — much to the delight of residents.

The more ways possible to get on the paths for leisurely strolls, serious exercise or Point A-to-Point B connections, the better.

Investing in quality-of-life infrastructure such as the People Trail system makes a significant difference in the community and for its residents.

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