Around Town – September 16

Orchids to …

• Frank Anderson Tire for your donation of new tires for our band trailers, from Columbus East Marching Band.

• hospitalists for the respect shown for emergency room doctors’ judgments.

• the workers at 19th and Chestnut streets who helped the family with their search.

• Don Strietelmeier for his thoughtful and accurate letter to the editor about how the federal government continues to waste taxpayer money and how Washington must work with President Trump to lead this country as he was elected to do.

• The Republic for unmasking and exposing white racist supremacists, and to Mayor Lienhoop for forcefully condemning them.

• Barbara Phillips for her spot-on letter to the editor concerning the illegal immigrant situation.

• Dr. McDermott and staff for the donation of toothbrushes for the overseas shoe boxes.

• David Knapp for his act of kindness.

• Chad and Josh at Peters’ Heating, and Jesus, for nice people like them helping others in need, from Margie Peach.

• Tim at Bob Evans for the crayon donation for the shoe box drive.

• Asbury United Methodist Church for allowing us to be a part of a most humbling experience by packing meals for Feed Our Starving Children, from Doug Southern and granddaughter Ashlyn.

• Noah Roll, Grant Edwards, Dawson Edwards and Ethan Edwards, for being such good young men and doing well in school, from your Great-Grandma Betty.

• the Four Tower crew at Columbus Regional Hospital for the great care, from Sean and Tracie Cutrell.

• Mr. Shanks for my first-ever ride last Sunday after church in your awesome Corvette convertible, which I have enjoyed dreaming about since, from M.B. Trevey.

Onions to …

• the place to eat that charges exorbitant prices for condiments so cheap that they should be free and are basic expectations on burgers.

• the county agency that is reactive instead of proactive.

• the elected officials who are responsible for the mismanagement of the county finances, and to the voters who have continually re-elected these officials.

• people who have forgotten the First Amendment, which states all groups have the right to peaceably assemble and says nothing about forcing us to agree with them.

• those who promote hate and divisiveness.

• those who advocate for the expulsion of so-called outsiders.

• organizers of the local event that thought a side order was one tablespoon of food.

• the powers-that-be in Columbus who think it’s acceptable to tax already overtaxed workers.

• neighbors who need to mind their own business and leave other neighbors alone instead of calling the police when brush is burned.

• certain groups of people who think that the law should not apply to them and cannot comprehend the meaning of the word illegal.

• the person who wrote about deportation whose heart must be heavy with hate.

Happy Birthday to …

• Ron Noel, from the Moffitts, Bonnie and Donna.

• Bruce Query, from your family, co-workers, Pam and Donna.

• Mary Frances Runion, from your family and Donna.

• Dale Burton and Karla Burchett-Pendorf, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Kim Schoettmer, from Mark, Mom, Joan, Kathy, Karen, Uncle George, Aunt Anna, Barb and Wilma.

• Steve Carothers, from Carrie, Peter, Mandy, Max, Graham and Pearl.

• Shelby Gibson.

• Eagan Matthew Boren.

• Eric Brown.

• Laurel Barnes, from Mom, Dan, Bailey, Denny, Natasha, Tony, Jason, Kayleigh, Torrie, Tom, Brian and Aurora.

• Lexci Talkington on No. 5, from Gyms and Great-Grandpa Simmons.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Mike and Brenda Todd, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.