Letter: Trump inherited country in mess, is doing good job

From: Ann Martin


In response to John Vanderbur’s Sept. 9 letter about President Trump: Trump is not a perfect human being, as none of us are. However, in spite of all the petty, mindless criticisms and disrespect he constantly receives, the lack of cooperation from Congress, the managing of two (and probably more) major natural disasters he’s facing, I think he’s doing a pretty darned good job so far in such a short time, especially for an “outsider.”

So much damage was done to this country by the previous liberal administration. Barack Obama and his party support the abortion of unborn children, support gay marriage (he disgraced the White House by lighting it up with rainbow colors in support) and support the destruction of businesses whose Christian owners refuse to pander to it. They encourage illegal immigration with no regard for the safety and well-being of law-abiding people of all backgrounds who are here legally.

Obama tried to run this country down by making so-called “apology” tours to other countries, tried to weaken our military, worsened race relations, increased the national debt dramatically and seems to support a very hostile anti-Christian agenda. In my opinion, former President Obama represented pure evil. But heaven forbid that anyone would publicly criticize him and risk being labeled a racist.

While President Trump has his flaws, as do we all, he is doing what he can to correct the damage he inherited. The left is doing everything it can to actively sabotage this presidency as well as some members of his own party who don’t want their privileged lifestyle shaken up. Yes, he’s a different kind of president. Only time will show if he will succeed. He, like so many of us, was sick of the horrible direction this country was taking. If anyone is left wondering how Donald Trump managed to win the presidential election, they only need to reflect on the last eight years of the Obama presidency.

I would also like to add that if the pathetic news sources that Mr. Vanderbur hailed in his letter are the “gold standard” of journalism, it’s no wonder there is so much division and dissension in this country. They do not represent what freedom of the press is all about.

Oh, and by the way, should Vice President Mike Pence have the opportunity to occupy the White House in the future, he already has my support.