Around Town – September 17

Orchids to …

• county council members who understand that if current revenues don’t cover bare necessity expenses, then revenues must be increased.

• Evelyn Pence, Bill Lentz and Matt Miller for realizing they work for the taxpayers, not the government employees.

• Bed, Bath & Beyond for having the most wonderful customer service.

• Joe and the day staff of Planet Fitness for being awesome.

• Open Bible Baptist Church for bringing the Reformers Unanimous Addictions Recovery program to Columbus.

• Dan at Hubler Honda for going out of his way in helping myself and Nancy get the code number for her radio.

• all the volunteers who came out and helped at Just Friends on Friday, from everyone at Just Friends.

• Chris and Elizabeth for checking up on me because they hadn’t seen me lately, from Larry and Kathy.

• Grass Luvers equipment sales and service for outstanding service to Kim and Mark, from Larry Rudd.

• Michael and family for the awesome fireworks they put on at the East game on Friday night as the show was very enjoyable.

• McKenna and Eli for mowing my yard on Friday.

• the person in front of me at McDonald’s who paid for my breakfast Saturday morning.

• Nicholas Slabaugh for your letter, from a resident who agrees.

• everyone who made the Bethel Baptist Church Fish Fry a success by preparing the food, serving the food and cleaning up, from Brenda.

• Ron Briner and all the guys who helped fry the fish on Friday.

• everyone who supported the Bethel Baptist Fish Fry on Friday.

• Jewell-Rittman Family Funeral Home for your kindness.

Happy Birthday to …

• Mark Smith, Karen Hudson and Amy Gilmore, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Tanna Combs and Sam Allison, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Tab Herron.

• David Carman.

• Martha Smock, from Jean Patrick.

• Elizabeth Lane Haynes, from your mother, your brother, Scott and your sister, Stacia.

Happy Birthday to …

• Billy Money, with love from Dustie, Tyler, Dustin and the dog, Diva.

• Autumn Haynes, from Grandma Judy.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Gary and Susie Dodd and Aaron and Cori Thayer, from friends at the Moravian Church.