Around Town – September 19

Orchids to …

• the Combest family for a wonderful afternoon and evening on Saturday.

• David Wilson for the green tomatoes.

• everyone at Engage Columbus who made the Community Dinner a delightful experience.

• all who attended and helped with the National POW/MIA Recognition Day Event Friday, which could not have happened without your support.

• the EMTs, ER staff, CCU staff, 4th Tower staff and GI Team at Columbus Regional Hospital for your wonderful care and kindness during my recent hospital stay.

• Ann Martin for the honest letter to the editor in Saturday’s paper.

• Sam Meek for doing so well in tennis, from Uncle Greg and Aunt Kim.

• Tim at Bob Evans restaurant and to Dr. McDermott for your kind donations, from Susana.

• Ed Huddleston at Medi-Cab for fixing my daughter’s car, from Kathleen Brockman.

• BCSC Transportation for all of your help, from St. Bartholomew Catholic School.

Onions to …

• the two people who would not stop talking during an early showing of a Friday movie.

• those who believe in giving amnesty to those who come into this country illegally, including the DACA people.

• people who don’t realize that open burning is not permitted in Columbus.

• the technician who cut the cable/internet lines to several homes on Friday and did not immediately report it so service could be repaired.

• whoever removed a retired farmer’s John Deere mailbox.

• the county council that voted to raise taxes for Bartholomew County.

Happy Birthday to …

• Nicole McDonald, from Jeremy, Bryce, co-workers and Donna.

• Alice Pruitt and Mable Schiller, from Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Steve Nading and Kathy Hayes, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Jennifer Hull.

• Alyson Deweese.

• Tracy Mulcahy, on No. 9, from Mom, Joe and Sidney.

• Erma Wickstrom, from Ethan and Drew.

• Matthew Haynes, from your Mom Judy and Scott and Stacia.

Belated Wishes to …

• Malachi Parks, on Sept. 13, from Dove Ministries.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Davis and Aleah Smith.

• Brandon and Kristen Goecker from Papaw and Mamaw Goecker and the rest of the family.

Belated Wishes to …

• Shawn and Nicole Stainbrook, on Sept. 6, from Dove Ministries.