Letter: Racist ideology has no place anywhere

From: The Bartholomew County Indivisible Administration Group members Michael Greven, Nathan Haza, Jenny Heichelbech, Hanna Omar, Lee Shipman, Penny Shumard, Judy Summerville, Chris Waltz, Terry Whittaker and Jean Marr Wilkins


Let it be clearly understood by those who took part in the recent Traditionalist Worker Party trial march down Washington Street in Columbus that Bartholomew County Indivisible stands firmly against the goal as stated on your website, “To establish an independent White ethno-state in North America. This nation will be a Homeland for Whites, governed and built by and for our people.”

Be assured that BCI will be one of many local groups and individuals who will peacefully protest at a counter rally to any public event you organize. We are certain that the good people of Columbus will reject your racist ideology with a message of inclusivity. You will not divide our community or our nation.

The United States has a Constitution, and it is made clear there that the we are one nation and that it will not be divided. Creating a “Homeland for Whites” in the United States of America will never be allowed or tolerated. That goal is the very antithesis of what the United States is and what it aspires to be.

Local Traditionalist Worker Party organizer Jeremy Bowman stated, “It is a proven fact that races can’t live together.” This is an ignorant and ludicrous statement, and it has absolutely no basis in fact. Columbus is a shining example disproving this. We see every day people of different races, religious beliefs, nationalities and sexual orientation working side by side to make Columbus a better place to live.