Around Town – September 22

Orchids to …

• B. Parker Mason for winning the Rural Service Award on Thursday night.

• Parkside Baptist Church for an excellent meal Wednesday night.

• the mail carriers in the 1400 block of Chestnut Street.

• Shelby at Walmart who helped me locate items being sent to Texas for the Hurricane Harvey cleanup.

• Karen Day, who brings so much joy to others.

• the young man working at the Wendy’s on National Road who brought my order out to me after I pulled over and parked when I realized I forgot it.

• the observant driver at Eighth and Franklin streets late Wednesday afternoon who saved us from an accident when I was distracted by an erratic bicyclist.

• Cummins, MainSource Bank and Columbus Regional Health for sponsoring and making the Mill Race Marathon a community celebration we can all be proud of.

• Newburn United Methodist Church for the wonderful community fall festival last Saturday.

• Rep. Jim Lucas, R-Ind., District 69, for your wonderful letter to the editor in Wednesday’s Republic.

Onions to …

• the school district that did not call for a two-hour delay for Wednesday’s dangerous heavy fog.

• people who only come to our church for the meal and take what doesn’t belong to them.

• the elected official who posts repeatedly on social media, saying more taxpayer money is needed to run a department.

• the council member who always has to vote no, just for attention.

• the veterinarians I called Wednesday night who wouldn’t work my dog into their evening schedules when she was in great distress and needed emergency care after 5 p.m., making me drive to Franklin.

• the company that price-gouges small-town residents.

• the elected city officials for granting themselves raises, from a person living on Social Security and a pension that did not go up for five years.

• the incompetent operators at a retail store who can’t transfer you to a department without cutting you off.

Happy Birthday to …

• Lois Hogan, from your brother.

• John Lind, from cousins Jean and George.

• Steve Taylor, from Lois and Jay Johnson.

• Don Gilpin, from Buck and Carolyn.

• David T. Chadd and Ericka Russell, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

• Charlotte Hadley, from your family and Donna.

• Major John Martoccia.

• Tammy Lucas, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Steve Taylor, from Russ and Gloria.

• John Linda, from Emily.

• John D. Lind, from John D. Lind Jr.

• Laurel Weddle, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Levi Garrison, from the Morrow family.

• Royce Burns, from Taylor, Mom and Dad VanNice, Christy, Ashley, J.C.., Orie, Garett, Lyla, Ambra, Isabella, Joe, Mamaw and Papaw Hitch, Marilyn, John, Patsy, Penny, Charlie, Donny, Sammy and all the rest of your family and friends.

• Ariana Roll on No. 7, from your great-grandparents and grandparents.

• John Whittington, from Aunt Elsie.

• Andrew Watson.

• Mary Bragg.

• Andrew Wisdom.

• Marty Emmert.

• Christine Nicholas.

• Brad Robertson.

Happy Birthday to …

• Martha Smock and Claire Rhoades, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Happy Anniversary to …

• George and Ruth DeLay, from the Reas, your family and Donna.

• Doug and Paula Prather, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Greg and Dani Drysdale, from Xavier, Kambry, Leah, Adam, Claire, Noah, Dad, Mom and all your family.