Letter: Greenbelt golf course no longer enjoyable

From: Gary Hehe


After playing Greenbelt, our city golf course, this weekend, I find it no longer an enjoyable day. It is set up way too difficult. The rough has been allowed to grow excessively next to very tight fairways, but even worse all around and in front of every green.

Studies show golfers have to hit at least 10 “good shots” a round to really enjoy it, though we forget what a good shot is — meaning airborne, toward the green and sort of long enough. Well I hit several of those Sunday and was penalized for all of them with my ball buried in rough so deep it is impossible to get a lie even rolling it.

The truth is most “retail golfers” are high handicappers and just want to have some fun, especially at a municipal course. No longer at this one. The PGA is not coming to Greenbelt. Why are they pretending that it is?