SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The property owner of a former homeless camp site is suing a southwest Missouri city and a construction company for not clearing the encampment site in time and for billing the owner.

The Springfield News-Leader reports that one of Rob Lurvey’s lawsuits alleges that the city of Springfield and a construction company failed to follow through on a 1997 settlement to clean up the property.

The second lawsuit challenges the city’s attempt to assert tax assessments against Lurvey to pay for the cost of the cleanup, which is estimated to cost more than $350,000.

A city spokesman says the lawsuit will likely delay the property’s cleanup.

The city removed homeless campers from the 11-acre (4.45-hectare) property in June. The city hopes to clean up the area to prevent future encampments.

Information from: Springfield News-Leader, http://www.news-leader.com