Letter: Professionalism can go long way after tragedy

From: Gary Elgar


I feel the need to address a terrible event made worse by unthinking people. My 2-year-old granddaughter somehow got past the child gate and was killed on State Road 3 in Westport on May 22.

A group of police officers (more than a half-dozen) stood around a state police car and laughed and joked for 45 minutes! They were parked right in front of my daughter’s door!

A couple women from Child Protective Services stood within a few feet of my son-in-law who was sitting on the porch and talked about the baby’s graphic injuries!

These people are supposed to be professionals. It wasn’t professionalism; it was pathetic and cruel. I hope when the sword comes to their house they are surrounded by people with decency and compassion.

I think the whole bunch should be fired.