Around Town – September 26

Orchids to …

… the state of Indiana for being the only state that bans retail beer, wine and liquor sales on Sunday and is trying to be responsible in controlling the promotion of alcohol use.

… the sponsors and participants for an outstanding show at Donner Park Shelter House on Saturday night.

… Laurel Ann, Jessica and Krista at Chevrolet of Columbus for their great service.

… President Trump for your stand on NFL players who owe their lives to the freedoms guaranteed by the country they are disrespecting.

… the Faurecia runners, walkers and volunteers in the marathon.

… the three members of the Bartholomew County Council who opposed the County Income Tax increase and really are looking out for the working citizens of Bartholomew County.

… the Columbus Police Department and Columbus Animal Care Services for responding so quickly to the dog in distress early Sunday morning, from Patti Torre.

… the Rev. Charles Aigner, East Columbus United Methodist Church, for an awesome service.

… the special lady who paid for my purchases at Walmart when I didn’t have my billfold, I will pass it on.

… all the marathon runners, and congratulations to Columbus.

… Dick Mann and Thomas Electric, thank you for all the good service over the years, from Ray and Norma.

… Downtown Washington Street for the Exhibit Columbus installations; don’t take them down.

… Teresa Green for all her support in my running habits over the years, from your husband Louie.

… nice women at Hope Heritage Days on Sunday for letting me sit in their chair at their tent, from a senior citizen with a bad back.

Onions to …

… people who bully others, running them off from a good job.

… anyone who would rather see children get hurt or killed rather than have a two-hour school delay when fog is so bad that the best drivers can’t see to find their way.

… people who play with their cellphones while driving.

… the NFL and their players; boycott their games until players stop kneeling.

… those who do not realize that the American black flag is an anti-Trump symbol that many fly for that reason.

… whoever left a bag of trash in my front yard.

… those who support the NFL players for not standing during the national anthem, and to the owners and management of teams for not standing up and putting a stop to the nonsense.

… people who don’t clean out their cars, allowing debris to roll out onto other people’s property when their children get out of the vehicle.

… Columbus for not having a fully staffed, 24-hour emergency care facility for pets.

… the driver on Rocky Ford for speeding up when asked to slow down during the Mill Race Marathon.

… Parents leaving a local school in the morning who think they can save 10 seconds by jumping across traffic lanes unsafely.

… Columbus for being too cold for a parade, too foggy for school, too rainy for a concert and now too hot to run a marathon.

… those who think the country doesn’t need to build up its military.

… whomever is responsible for maintaining the dying trees in the 2800 block of Middle Road.

… the people who live by the ballpark and let their dogs out at 2, 4 and 6 a.m. and let them bark and disturb the neighborhood when neighbors have to get up early.

… the director who is ruining fall break by making the band practice.

… people who burn trash every weekend.

… distracted drivers causing nearly biweekly head-on collisions making me fearful to even drive anymore.

Happy Birthday to …

… Luke Robert Swegman from Nanna and Granddad with lots of love.

… Talan Rogers, from Beth, Josh, Alex, Jake and Izzy.

… Sarah Chapman, from Mom and Dad, Matt, Lisa, Katie, Ethan, Ronnie and Paige, Mammaw Burris and Mammaw Lee.

… Talan Rogers, from your family and Donna.

… Linda Haptonstall, from your family, Jan and Donna.

… Tom Goecker, from Dad, Jeri, Jane, Brandon, Kristen and the rest of your family.

… Raven Shafer, from Grandma Kim, Grandpa Mark, Grandma Jean, Grandma Joan and your brother Tatum.