Around Town – September 27

Orchids to …

• the NFL, its players, coaches and owners for showing the president they understand the meaning of free speech and democracy.

• those who still respect the United States of America.

• Bar-Cons Federal Credit Union for donating the kick balls, from Southside Elementary.

• United Christian Church for hosting the September meeting of the South Central Indiana Men’s Fellowship and for the excellent meal.

• the three members of the Bartholomew County Council who opposed the increase in the county income tax and really are looking out for the working citizens of Bartholomew County.

• Mitzy Shipley for helping me put my mom’s wheelchair into the trunk of my car Saturday at Hope Heritage Days, from Lisa Rogers.

• the nice person at Marsh for turning in my debit card, from Marci McCauley

• the Robert Welmer family and the James Mahoney Fish Co. (Mahoney’s Fish & Tails) for an awesome fish fry Tuesday night at the Bartholomew County 4-H Fairgrounds.

• the staff at Eskew-Eaton funeral home in Edinburgh for the kindness to their patrons.

• the two men from Dunlap who helped us load the deer on County Road 400 West.

• Gail Wilson Lyle and Karen Love Lyle for organizing the float and letting the girls ride on the USA team float Sunday at Hope Heritage Days.

Onions to …

• the people running our city who don’t realize concrete recycling plants leave a path of dead landscape, asthma and dust-covered cars.

• school leaders who require senior projects that have questionable educational value and cause huge amounts of unneeded stress on students and families.

• the gentleman who yelled at shopping center pedestrians when he was driving much too fast in the parking lot.

• anyone who does not honor the national anthems at ballgames.

• the otherwise likeable pigeons for their not-so-nice artwork in front of the post office.

• the two men who think it’s OK to threaten people’s lives and pull out firearms when there’s no immediate danger to them, and to law officials who never arrest them.

• any football team or anyone else who disrespects America and disrespects the flag.

• the NFL team members who do not stand for our national anthem.

Happy Birthday to …

• David Alexander, from your family and Donna.

• Tammy Baker, from your family, Patsy and Donna.