Around Town – September 28

Orchids to …

Garden of Grace Gift Shop at 2333 Cottage Ave. for the beautiful specialty gifts and wonderful customer service.

the residents of Columbus for mostly ignoring the recent white supremacists march, to the media for accurate reporting and to authors of well-written letters of opposition.

all the Mill Race Marathon volunteers who made our half marathon fun, safe and entertaining, from the Bunco Babes

German American Bank for the treats, from the crew at Sidekicks

to the anonymous donor of a Chick-fil-A luncheon platter, from Clarity Pregnancy Care Center.

to John at Lowe’s for generously giving of his time to fix my lamp when it was not his line of duty, from an appreciative customer.

Sarah Campbell for giving an inspiring message, “Walking in Love and Light,” to the congregation Sept. 10 at First United Methodist Church, from Janey and Larry

Flowers from the Woods for the beautiful funeral flowers with kudos to Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle.

all the talented students of the St. Peter’s drama club for your outstanding performance in Chapel.

the many musicians tho provided free concerts for the Donner Park variety shows this summer.

Silver Oaks Health Campus and Our Hospice of South Central Indiana for talking great care of Barbara Jones, from the Jones family.

Pastor Randy Gilbert for the wonderful message and The Ridge for the food, from the Jones family.

Onions to …

those who refuse to stand for our flag and the national anthem.

role models who set poor examples for our youth by disrespecting our country and its traditions.

to people who mistakenly think that freedom of speech and expression allows one to say or do whatever they want while at work.

the medical receptionist for being on the cellphone playing games and searching patients on social media.

whoever is responsible for leaving a utility pole inches from the edge of the pavement in the middle of a curve on the improved Lowell Road.

whoever is responsible for the emergency notification phone call of a missing person at 1:30 a.m., ruining my night’s sleep.

role models who think it’s OK to show disrespect to the American flag.

whoever needs professional football; save your money for retirement.

anyone sending Orchids to people that disrespect our flag.

hate groups that disguise themselves as promoting love, peace and tolerance.

elected officials who want to raise taxes to give county employees a raise and think they can get re-elected after doing so.

Happy Birthday to …

Chris Clulow, from your family, co-workers and Donna.

Jeff Jones, from your family and Donna.

Don Trapp, from your family and Donna.

Becky Johnson, from Aunt Alice and family.

Becky Johnson, from everyone in the Johnson and Allman families.

Missy Retz, from Alan, Katie, Tommi, Lily, April, Braelynn, Jared and Sandy.

Bryce Christian, 21, from all of your family.

Christy Burns from Richard, Ashley, JC, Orie, Garrett, Lyla, Ambra, Joe, Isabella, Mom and Dad Vannice, Royce, Taylor, Mamaw and Papaw Hitch, Marilyn, John, Patsy, Penny, Charlie, Donny, Fanny, from your family and friends.

Chris, from your family and friends at Cummins.