WICHITA, Kan. — Kansas Democrats have decided to remove one of their top state party officials after a contentious debate.

The Wichita Eagle reports the party’s state committee voted 121-54 Saturday to recall Party Secretary Casey Yingling.

The conflict centered on a vote Yingling took as part of the party’s executive committee to give Democratic congressional candidate James Thompson’s campaign $20,000.

Yingling was accused of having a conflict of interest because she is part of the political consulting firm working for Thompson.

Party chairman John Gibson supported the recall. He said Democrats needed to remove Yingling to preserve the party’s credibility with voters.

“If the recall does not succeed, I do not believe we deserve to win at the ballot box,” Gibson said.

Yingling said she is disappointed officials wouldn’t agree to resolve the issue privately and that the party decided to call for a recall.

“This is ridiculous. This should happen to no one. I don’t care if there’s another consultant on here, I don’t care what anybody has done to me – this should happen to no one ever again,” Yingling said.

Party officials decided Saturday there were enough votes to meet the two-thirds standard to remove Yingling, but some questioned that interpretation.

Rep. Brandon Whipple, D-Wichita, argued that two-thirds of the state delegates are required, not just two-thirds of those who voted. It wasn’t immediately clear if the vote will be challenged.

Information from: The Wichita (Kan.) Eagle, http://www.kansas.com