COLUMBUS, Ind. — When a Columbus widow lost her last remaining parent in June while her only child was living in Europe, Hope Carvin Coatsworth suddenly felt all alone in the world.

But today, the owner of Exhale With Hope, a wellness and massage clinic, said she believes her late father, Jerry Carvin, just might be watching over her.

“I feel like when Dad got to heaven, he said ‘OK, God. She’s alone now, so let’s do something about it,’” Coatsworth said.

Just a few months after Jerry Carvin’s passing, something did indeed happen that Coatsworth, 50, describes as a miracle.

“I went from being an only child and losing two parents to having a mother and three siblings,” she said.

Coatsworth discovered Aug. 7 that her biological family has been searching for her for nearly 40 years. A week later, she was reunited with her mother, Cynthia Frye, her biological sister, Kelly Jo Ellis, and other family members all residing in the Hope area.

“We have only been nine minutes apart all these years,” Frye said, referring to the travel distance between their homes.

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