Around Town – October 6

Orchids to …

• Doug Kirk for putting your life on hold to be a great father; more men should follow your example.

• Ken Chandler for your excellent letter in Wednesday’s Republic.

• “Sam, age 4” for the beautiful purple rock that I found in the alley, from Melissa.

• the late Harry McCawley for all of the wonderful articles in the newspaper over the years, from an admiring fan, Mitzie Shipley.

• the gentlemen who paid my bill at Penn Station because the card machine wouldn’t work.

• to Alex Baker and the North choral department, congratulations on a fantastic fall choir concert.

• to people who realize that a bump stock is legal.

• Ted Unrue for being awarded the Mill Race Center Senior Citizen of the Year, from a friend.

• father Marc for giving me Karina’s address — thanks and God bless you.

Onions to …

• politicians who are owned by national organizations and refuse to do what is right.

• anyone who thinks stricter gun control laws will help cut down on mass shootings.

• my dinner fork, because if I use the logic of gun control advocates, it must be the reason I’m overweight.

• folks that don’t realize that a person who is going to shoot and kill people will not follow gun-control laws.

• the medical receptionist for being very rude after telling patients the doctor was running one hour behind.

• to those who can’t seem to understand that criminals and the mentally ill don’t care about gun laws.

• to people who want to do drugs and harm themselves, take a good look at yourself and what you’re doing to yourself and loved ones.

• the letter to the editor that mentions Jesus but preaches hate.

• a maintenance supervisor who makes his workers do their jobs and his, while he is paid 40 hours every week to do nothing.

Happy Birthday to …

• Emily Duke, from your Daughters of Isabella sisters.

• Steve Marlin, from friends at the Moravian Church

• Damon Broady.

• Andy Luederman.

• Catherine Simmons.

• Jesse Lopez.

• Steven Lopez.

• Rhonda Brown, from Roger and the rest of the family.

• Bruno on No. 48, love Annie, Josh and Austin.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Maud Martin on Oct. 4 from the Joseph Hart Chapter, DAR.

• Kylie Webster on Oct. 5 from the Joseph Hart Chapter, DAR.