While many people knew and loved the public Harry McCawley – the editor, writer, veteran and champion of causes — the staff and board members here at Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center were fortunate to also benefit from the personal side of Harry – as a neighborhood resident.

Harry was passionate about living downtown. You could spot him down the block walking to or from work wearing his signature hats. Harry loved the home he shared with his wife Julie, and they were involved neighbors. Harry frequently called and visited our office, professionally and personally. He was gracious to include us in articles and often hooked us up with resources. Harry never turned down our phone calls for advice (that we know of – ha!) and he called us as well to ponder big and little issues.

We will cherish the many stories and laughs our staff and board members enjoyed with Harry and are grateful for the way he helped shape what LCNFC is today. The Lincoln-Central Neighborhood will miss Harry very much. Ironically enough, Harry passed away on National Good Neighbor Day. That, he was!

– Diane Doup, Columbus