Pigeons, geese … what would he write about next?

We will always have such wonderful memories of Harry McCawley’s stories — funny, sad, thoughtful, something for everyone to remember.

Hopefully down the road, the newspaper can put together a book of his stories, something we could cherish, and pass down to our children and grandchildren. The post office pigeon problem articles of many years ago would still have everyone laughing out loud.

We all remember his articles about the Washington Street Goose, always dressed for the occasion, and many of us would enjoy the outfits as we drove by.

Harry wrote that the family was moving to Ft. Dodge, Iowa. My sister Sharon and her family lived in Ft. Dodge at the time. So on our next vacation to visit them, Sharon and I went looking for the goose. Sure enough, we found it, still dressed in a cute outfit, and getting many looks as people drove by. The family was not home, so I took a picture, and gave it to Harry when we got back.

He had quite a laugh over that, and was glad people were still enjoying the fashionable display

– Shirley Prince, Columbus