Letter: What is wrong with world? Lack of common sense

From: Jim Babcock


Pendulums never seem to be centered anymore; the common sense one is a good example. A teacher of mine always said, “Courtesy is consideration for others.” Guess a bunch of us weren’t listening well.

Since we are editing history and burning books these days, where might this all be headed? If our ultimate objective is absolute political correctness, then let’s make sure we don’t offend anyone.

Starting with statues, probably the safest thing to do is remove all statues — knowing it’s going to take a very large tarp to cover Mount Rushmore. No visible religious statues or symbols either folks, as someone might not like it.

And no more recognized or celebrated holidays that might be considered religious, political, historical and/or ethnic. One holiday per year: Valentine’s Day — who doesn’t like flowers and chocolate in February?

Can’t ignore sports. You might not like my choice in baseball or football teams, and I yours. That means no flags, banners, logo apparel — nothing. So how should we re-write approved history, rename streets, change calendars, reconfigure sports, etc…? Gee, let’s hire a consultant.

Far-fetched you say? I hope so.