By Ashley Browning

Friday and Saturday mark the fifth year that the Jennings County Company, the acting group of Jennings County School Corp., will present the Vernon Ghost Walk.

The actors are students ranging from seventh to 12th grades, and all of the directors are high school students. They have reached the rank of thespian, meaning that they are experienced actors.

The directors work with Sandra Eikelman, an English teacher at Jennings County Middle School and head director of the Jennings County Company, to lead the younger Ghost Walk actors in their performances.

This year, student directors include Morgan Manning, Luke Cofer, Rachel Morris, Grace Davis, Brad Emery and Logan Poer. Nine skits are planned this year, with many directors working together and even directing multiple skits.

“Bloody Mary,” a staple scene in Ghost Walk, is the story of a young woman named Mary Smith who was murdered and for whom justice never was served. Rachel Morris and Luke Cofer have taken on the role of directing the iconic skit, offering the actors they have chosen staging directions and acting suggestions.

Other scenes include “Moody’s Lights,” “The Woman in Black,” “Werewolf Hollow,” “Ghostly Hollow,” “Hector,” “The River Boy,” “The Crosley Creature” and “The Hitchhiking Ghost.”

Grace Davis, the director of two scenes this year, said that participating in Ghost Walk was important to her.

“It gives me the chance to see a different aspect of acting, and that would be directing. I can take charge and lead other actors as a director typically leads me,” she said.

Tickets cost $2 for students and $4 for adults. All proceeds benefit the Jennings County Historical Society. For more information about the Ghost Walk, call 812-346-8989.

Ashley Browning is a senior at Jennings County High School.