Around Town – October 11

Orchids to …

• Michelle Carr for giving an enlightening and optimistic presentation on how to correct the current climate change at the Winding Waters Group, Sierra Club general meeting.

• Cindy Felsten and IUPUC students for a great organized ride.

• Alex for passing the bar exam.

• Voelz Body Shop for the exceptional customer service and help repairing my bumper.

• Kristen Brown for the letter to the editor and your thoughtful insights on the lack of fiscal leadership by our city and county councils who often feel the need to increase taxes instead of looking at the true problems and ways to correct them.

• Vice President Mike Pence for money well spent.

• all who gave cards, made phone calls, and have visited my “Pop” during his recovery.

• Kathy Kachanoski for providing a ride home to Mr. Harper from Keepsake Village, from the Greens.

• all the preachers and pastors for a great job done, who did not make the paper Sunday, from someone who cares.

• Cindy at the east side Walmart for helping me find the saltine crackers and going above and beyond the call of duty.

• the president for keeping his campaign promises.

• the Martinsville American Legion post for showing respect to our veterans by not allowing any NFL games to be shown on their premises.

Onions to …

• people who don’t understand that if there was a law that would get you life in prison for possession of drugs, there might be fewer drugs in this country and way fewer drug deaths.

• those who do not realize that the U.S. military should remove all military dependents from South Korea as the chance of nuclear war there increases daily.

• people who support an administration that leads by dividing and grandstanding, rather than uniting and discussing.

• inconsiderate drivers who interrupted the funeral procession Monday afternoon at 10th and National.

• those who call people who play a game a hero; what about firefighters, EMTs, police, soldiers?

• news outlet that suddenly takes a concern about how much trips cost for our vice president.

• people who don’t understand the right to keep and bear arms is in the Bill of Rights; wanting a life sentence in prison for possession of a gun is a direct violation of the Constitution.

• the supervisor in local government for having a double standard when it comes to productivity.

• people who walk out of the national anthem.

• the vice president for being a paid protester using taxpayer dollars.

• people who think a football player is a hero; those soldiers killed in Afghanistan last week are what you call heroes.

• those who say the NFL players are simply enjoying their free speech of this country when they kneel instead of standing for the national anthem — yet they’re discrediting our vice president for exercising his same rights to free speech.

Happy Birthday to …

• Billie Moffitt from Nikki, Paul, Darlene, Ron and Donna.

• Ron Luther, from the retiree lunch bunch.

• Izzy Munn, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Ellen Wilson, from all the family and friends.

• Bonnie Deppen from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Roann Whittington from Aunt Elsie.

• Hunter Dean from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Tommy Crawhorn, love Grandma Crawhorn and family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Ferrell and Betty Jones on their 35th anniversary, and from Geneva, Aaron, Becky and Chris.