Letter: Don’t disrespect, forget the American flag

From: Kenneth Landreth


Do you remember me? I am just a piece of fabric that you will find at the top of a staff, which some call a flagpole. I have been there it seems like forever. You see, I am there in all weather. I have been with you in your good days and your sad and hurting days.

Most say I am a beautiful lady, and like most ladies I like to be noticed. So look up to me and maybe say, “Good morning, I love you.” I may even wave to you.

My problem now is I feel some of you have forgotten who I am and what I stand for. I have stood by you at all times and all places, so please do not disrespect me or what I stand for. I need you and you need me.

I am the American flag of the United States of America. Yes, I am a beautiful lady.