Louise McKay-Menke


Louise was delightful. Family, friends, acquaintances all agreed, she was a very delightful person.

She was born Kathryn Louise McKay, July 16, 1932 to John and Mary McKay of Columbus. That was when the party started.

Louise attended Columbus High School where she ran with a group known as the “Bad 8.” I think that this group just liked to have more fun than anyone else in the school.

At any rate, no charges were ever filed.

Louise worked at Cummins for 45 years until she retired in 1995. While there, she had the great fortune of meeting the person that would be the love of her life. Bill Menke fell madly in love with her sparkle and personality. After they married in 1970, Bill demonstrated his great love for Louise as he cared for her every day of her life.

Together, they were huge IU contributors and fans. They pulled their daughter, Karen, into the IU lifestyle, as well. Traveling to all of the NCAA games for Bob Knights’ Hoosiers and Bowl games (there were a few!) for the football team. She wore Cream & Crimson very well.

Bill & Louise enjoyed square dancing with the Belles & Beaus from Columbus and playing in a bridge club for decades. Both groups had the infamous, “Bad 8” at their core. You see, Louise easily made friends…..for a lifetime.

Once they had both retired from Cummins, they both decided to move to Carmel to be closer to their grandchildren. If you tried to keep up with them, you would think that they were just the biggest basketball and baseball fans. They were in reality, grandkid fans!

As time passed, their daughter Karen (Menke) Cummings knew that her mother’s health would eventually require them moving into her home.

Then, Bill & Louise suffered the Great Condo Flood of 2016! They had to move into Karen’s home and not due to health reasons! This was a blessing to everyone.

The boys all got to see their grandmother’s fun sense of humor and delightful personality. They learned her Euchre tricks. And, she became much too proficient playing Backgammon. She loved this time that she was able to spend with her family.

Louise’s mind was sharp to the very end. Her poor body just couldn’t keep up any longer and it finally wore out October 6, 2017. She has left us all with marvelous memories. She loved her family, and they loved her, very much. She was a very delightful person. She will be greatly missed.

Louise is survived by her loving husband of 47 years, William “Bill” Menke, her daughter and son-in-law, Karen and Tim Cummings; grandchildren; and great-grandchildren.

Private services are being planned.