Around Town – October 20

Orchids to …

• informed people who understand the real reason the president is obsessed with the NFL is that he was denied the opportunity to be a team owner.

• the man who made my day without even realizing it, due to his resemblance to Jerry Garcia.

• Lanna Johns for her incredible name discoveries.

• the gentleman who found my purse in the east side Walmart and turned it into customer service.

• Rick at Walmart Auto Center, for airing up my tires and being truthful with me, from a grateful customer.

• the person who paid for our breakfast at Waffle House in Seymour.

• Karen Wensel at the mattress store for helping us find our perfect mattress, from Sheila and Theresa.

Onions to …

• the school official for his boys-will-be-boys mentality.

• the former elected official and followers for not realizing it’s time to let go and move on.

• the person who took a child’s last dime and left him no way to eat lunch.

• the woman who wrongly accused us of vandalizing theatrical equipment.

• the mother of four who feels the need to post daily selfies of herself on social media.

• wasting taxpayers’ money on the Franklin Street repaving then grinding it right back off.

• people who take free food from food pantries who are in good enough financial shape to buy their own.

• people who claim John McCain is or was a war hero.

• coaches who set a poor example.

• The Republic for capitalizing on an unfortunate situation as front page news just to sell papers.

• the downtown church for cutting down a tree that was over 40 feet tall and over 5 feet wide, which was home to a pair of hawks that nest in the neighborhood.

Happy Birthday to …

• Brian, from Cathy and your family.

• Marcia Whisman, from WW.

• Sheila Snively from Bob and the grandchildren.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Ron and Cheryl Placek.