Around Town – October 22

Orchids to …

• Skyler at Walgreens for her kind professional help in the photo department.

• the waitress and cook at the cafe in Hope for fixing us up with a light lunch like we wanted last Wednesday, from Joyce and Karen.

• the Sgt. Jonathon M. Hunter family for their bravery and their sacrifice.

• Jenny Wallace, an early childhood education teacher at Columbus North High School, for the bag of goodies, from Hauser’s C4 driver.

• Bonnie Rogers for bowling a 257 game and a 592 series, from your bowling team.

• Scott and Andrew at SAK Automotive for making sure the truck was safe before I left as always, from Cheryl and Ron Placek.

• the people of Columbus for putting on another great Ethnic Expo, showing the world that this community is dedicated to being multi-cultural and therefore 100 percent anti-fascist.

Happy Birthday to …

• Randy Gearhart, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Cody West, from Dad, Mom, Josh, Oliver, Mike, Connie and Grandma.

• Karli Mae Jessee, with love from Papa, Mae Mae, Dad and all your Jessee family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Steve and Dawn Wilson.