Letter: Detailed plan needed for tax increase funds

From: Lisa Deaton


During the last Bartholomew County Council meeting, I respectfully submitted my comments, in regards to the now newly passed income tax increase. I directed my comments to Councilman Mark Gorbett and reminded him that a clear path of planning in regards to how the county manages its funds was his foundation at most every meeting since being elected. I asked for him to not vote for this increase until that three-to-five-year plan was brought before the public or at least add to the law, that no funds would be spent until said plan was presented.

I reminded the council that the opioid problem is not the only issue the county faces, though it is an important issue. I approached the elected officials with this statement because proper planning for the future, above and beyond the required budget, has been the center of a majority of discussions during the monthly council meetings. Councilman Gorbett was correct in pushing for a plan of action. A plan that would show where the wiggle room would be for the “unintended consequences or the unpredictable.” A business plan for how our county will be operating is appropriate. The county needs to be on the offense and not playing defense, as is common.

I was told during the meeting, that we cannot predict the future, if so then we cannot predict that we will not have the funds to operate either. Double edge sword! It is the responsibility of the council to complete a business plan for how our county will operate along with their yearly budget. The responsibility of the council is to protect our tax dollars and planning is part of that protection. I look forward to seeing the fruits of that labor. Very soon!