Letter: Consider residents when making zoning decisions

From: Tammy Foist


I would like to make the residents of Princeton Park, Carter Crossing and Tudor Addition aware of a rezoning request from RS2 (residential) to I-1 (Industrial Light) which is neighboring to their homes. I live in Tudor addition, which is the closest neighbor to the area of the proposed site rezoning. I feel that this possible land use change could adversely affect the tranquility of the adjacent neighbors.

The Planning Commission will make a recommendation to accept the proposal to the City Commission on Nov. 7. The Planning Commission feels this is the best option for the parcel of land. The property has been agriculture for over 37 years. Green space is vital to any community’s quality of life as it provides environmental, social and economic benefits to the community. I believe the parcel should remain as farmland or of a similar usage such as a nature reserve, a park or community garden lots.

Abby Place will begin development on the adjacent parcel that is up for proposal of rezoning. Any request for Industrial usage this close in proximity to residential area is guaranteed to lower property values of any residences near it and possibly hamper the selling of the new homes. The negative impacts from a facility so close to a residential area would have a negative impact on any future homeowners to the new development of homes adjacent to the property as well as the existing neighbors.

I and many other neighbors am concerned about this land use change for the several reasons. Possible pollution (noise, air, water): Depending upon what type of business there could be a number of potential pollution concerns. The noise and exterior lighting would be noticeable impacts regardless of the type of facility. The buffer required is only 4 feet, which isn’t high enough to provide any type of real buffer zone. We already can hear some noise from the adjacent industrial sites due to the property owner removing some of the mature trees that provided a buffer. I can only imagine the increased noise level with a facility located directly across the street.

Vehicles coming and going from a facility at who knows what hours of the day or night. Exterior building lighting would also be prevalent to illuminate the surrounding parking area of any type of facility. All of these items would certainly have an impact on the surrounding neighbors and have an impact on the quality of life for the surrounding homeowners.

As a concerned neighbor I would ask to please oppose this rezoning request (RZ-17-08- Barbara Puckett). This does not fit within the Columbus comprehensive plan. The City Council will hold a public hearing to vote on the application Nov. 7 at City Hall. I urge all residents to become informed and participate to have this request rejected by the Council.

City Council and the City Planning Department need to make reasonable segregation of land use for the greater good and be visionaries for future growth of the city.