Around Town – October 28

Orchids to …

• Brian at Walmart for helping me unload groceries from the cart onto the checkout counter, and then putting them back in the cart after they were bagged.

• those who respect Michael Pence for doing a great job representing our great country.

• the Columbus Indiana Children’s Choir and the Philharmonic Youth Orchestra ensemble for a beautiful evening concert for residents of Four Seasons Retirement Center.

• CJ’s Construction for the roof job they did on my house.

• Black Lives of Columbus, for hosting and encouraging honest conversations about race.

• those who believe that the government can solve a problem by throwing money at it, such as raising income taxes to combat drug use.

• Sens. Flake, Corker and McCain for speaking the truth in order to try to keep our currently free country from turning into an authoritarian one.

Onions to …

• white supremacist/nationalist groups attempting to spread hate and recruit new members in our community; you are not welcome.

• those who haven’t yet put back the light pole at the Southern Crossing roundabout, knocked down more than 60 days ago.

• anyone who doesn’t realize that telling a group of people they are not welcome in Columbus is just as bad as their beliefs.

• a so-called welcoming and inclusive city for telling a group of people they aren’t welcome.

• people with no plan throwing large sums of money around that will not cure a crisis.

• anyone who whines and complains and calls others horrible names because they don’t agree with your opinions.

Happy Birthday to …

• Janet Bullock, from your family and Donna.

• Janet Bullock from Jimmy, Hayley, Tanner, Charlie and Elijah.

• Sam Hoy.

• Zack Wilson.

• Tara Jessee.

• Chris Whittington.