University News – October 30

Ivy Tech, Kaplan partner to create transfer agreement

Ivy Tech Community College and Kaplan University are partnering to create a statewide reverse transfer agreement for students who transferred to Kaplan University prior to completing an associate’s degree at Ivy Tech.

In order to be eligible for the reverse transfer program, students must have completed a minimum of 15 credit hours from Ivy Tech to be eligible for reverse transfer; must be currently enrolled as a Kaplan undergraduate pursuing a bachelor’s degree; must have no prior associate or higher degree conferred; and must have at least a 2.0 GPA from Ivy Tech.

Once a qualified student has earned the equivalent of 75 or more total semester credit hours at Kaplan University including transfer hours, they will be notified twice a year of their potential eligibility for an Ivy Tech associate’s degree through reverse transfer until they opt-out.

Low-income retention rates increase at colleges

Ivy Tech Community College and IUPUI have increased retention rates of first-generation low-income students.

The schools saw their retention rates go of 21st Century Scholar students go up by about 13 percentage points over the last three years, according to InsideTrack, which partnered with both schools. The company, based in Portland, Oregon, works with colleges and universities to create adaptive coaching solutions that combine professional coaching, technology and data analytics to increase enrollment, completion and career readiness, according to a news release.

At Ivy Tech, fall-to-fall retention rates of 21st Century Scholar students rose to 49.6 percent, up from an average of 36.9 percent. Students in the 21st Century Scholar program receive a state-funded, need-based scholarship that provides up to four years of tuition to qualifying first-generation and low-income students.

IUPUI’s coaching program focused on the most at-risk scholars and saw an increase from 50 percent to 63 percent this fall, school officials said.

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