Around Town – November 2

Orchids to …

• Roxy at the east side Walmart for the great customer service.

• the city of Columbus for demolishing the fire-damaged home at the corner of 19th and California streets.

• conductor David Bowden, the mass chorus and the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic Orchestra for presenting the concerts Saturday and Sunday in recognition of the 500th anniversary of the religious Reformation.

• Pastor Doug Bauman and volunteers at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (Clifty) in the inspiring and informative services Saturday and Sunday, remembering the work of Martin Luther in the Reformation, including the meal and educational exhibits.

• the residents of Countrywood Farms for an excellent night of trick-or-treating.

• the James Goddard family for their help and assisting a disabled person.

• waitress Lisa at Chili’s for the great customer service.

• Cory Parker for the awesome Halloween haunted house and his tour guide helpers, Madison and Gage Jackson.

• our Republic carrier for delivering our newspaper earlier in the morning on County Road 600E in Hope.

• Jack Hobby for helping me get my furnace to run, from Estella Brooks.

• Women at The Ark for their kindness when I accidentally broke an angel statue Wednesday morning.

Onions to …

• anyone anywhere who wants to welcome and accommodate hate groups.

• people who don’t put their phones down and keep their heads up when they drive.

• our president, who talks a big game, but isn’t following through by announcing he won’t be visiting the DMZ.

• people who claim the Civil War was about slavery, when it actually was about money, trade and commerce.

• those who want to take prayer out of school events, I’m praying for you.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jodie Wolter, from your family and Donna.

• Jon Ross, from friends at the Moravian Church

• Megan Misner.

• Libbi Mounts.

• Dorinda Wright.

• Brandon Richards, from Danny, Kelli, Rylee, Lexie and Kloey.

• Patrick Strup, from Dad.

• Hal Pruitt, from Mabe, Wanda and Gracie.

• Chelsea Christophel, from Gram.

Happy Anniversary to …

• David and Sharon Bruner.