Athletes of the Week – November 2


Dalton Craig, Jennings County senior cross-country runner

Craig finished 61st in 16 minutes, 21.0 seconds for 5,000 meters (3.1 miles) to lead the Panthers to a 16th-place team finish in the state finals.

His performance last week: “I felt good for how I did … but I felt like I could have done better overall. It was really cold, so that kind of affected the whole running, but it was all right.”

Do you do anything special to prepare? “Not really. We do the basic same stuff every week, as far as training goes. Then, coach (Bryant Layman) just has us do the same thing anybody else should do, (eat) pasta two days before and that kind of stuff.”

Favorite drink: “Mountain Dew”

Favorite food: “Spaghetti”

Favorite book: “Right now, I’m reading ‘Divergent’ (by Veronica Roth). That’s pretty good.”

Favorite class: “Physical education”

Role model: “I base my role model on who has affected me most in my life. I’d say it’s probably my (wrestling) coach, coach T. Howard Jones. He’s been a real inspiration to me in the way he acts and the the way he treats people. I want to be like that, too.”

Best advice: “This is kind of cliché, ‘Just give it your all, work hard’ and basic stuff like that. Hard work can take you a lot of places.”

Athletics goal: “With wrestling, just to compete and do well this year. In track, I want to first of all beat some school records and then on through college, I’m going to run cross-country at Morehead State.”

If you could travel anywhere: “I’d go back to Hawaii because that was really nice. I went with my wrestling team, and that was pretty cool.”


Alana Owen, Hauser senior volleyball player

Owen led the Jets with 41 assists and added four kills, two blocks, seven digs and two aces in Saturday’s five-set semistate win against Barr-Reeve.

Her performance last week: “I worked really hard in practice and was prepared to play, and I think as a team, we all played were really strong and were able to pull off a good win.”

Do you do anything special to prepare? “On the bus, I usually listen to my ear buds, and in the locker room, we usually just listen to loud music and jam out together.”

Favorite drink: “Coke”

Favorite food: “Fried chicken”

Favorite book: “The Judy B. Jones series”

Favorite class: “English”

Role model: “My dad (Keith Owen).”

Best advice: “When things get tough, don’t give up and push through it because anything is possible.”

Athletics goal: “To win state this weekend.”

If you could travel anywhere: “Hawaii, because I’ve heard it’s a really pretty place, and it’s actually someplace that I might be going to next summer.”