Around Town – November 3

Orchids to …

• Phyllis Bush for giving so much of her time to the Columbus Indiana YES Film Festival, from the Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center.

• all the Sunrise Rotarians who helped carve pumpkins Thursday night for Night of A Thousand Jacks, and to those who helped clean up State Road 46 West on Saturday morning.

• coaches Case, Schoen, Thayer and Tedder, because your dedication and encouragement have helped the Hauser volleyball team enjoy a successful season, from the Musillamis.

• Sydney, Sarah, Madie, Megan and Alana for leading our team and being role models on and off the court, from Moose.

• the Hope Police Department for helping me get back into my car when I locked my keys in at the Dollar General a few weeks ago.

• Dr. Russell and Kathie of Southern Indiana Heart and Vascular for their kindness and help in getting my medication, from Mary G.

• the nice person who paid for my breakfast Monday morning at IHOP, I greatly appreciated it.

• the excellent server, whose name I did not get, at Subway on Wednesday evening, because she did a fantastic job.

• Christian Wagner for running the 100-mile competitive race, from Zane Yeager.

• the person praying for the parent who wanted prayer taken out of school functions.

• residents of Hope for taking a stand in the face of persecution.

• the super-nice people at Wayne’s Electric for checking my battery in the rain.

• leaders strong enough to admit when they are wrong and apologize to those they offend.

Onions to …

• those who organized the wine fundraiser for a group that will not allow non-religious children to join.

• those who don’t realize that we paid dearly to get rid of the Nazis in Europe, and we don’t want them showing up around here.

• race-baiting millennials for destroying our good community with divisive rhetoric.

• the person who thinks the Civil War wasn’t about slavery and who has never read anything on the subject.

• members of the hate group for spreading their propaganda and then having the audacity to submit Onions telling others they’re not welcome for not welcoming them.

• those sending thoughts and prayers through social media for every little thing, because doing so doesn’t help anything.

• the lady that thinks she has the right to put her non-service dog in the cart at the retail store.

• those responsible for high gas prices in Columbus.

• drivers turning left onto Lindsey Street from Eighth Street because you do not have the right-of-way to turn in front of drivers turning right.

• those who are still trying to find Trump’s collusion with Russia when it does not exist.

• those who don’t realize you can’t be arrested for collusion because it’s not a crime.

• anyone who refers to “new age” as a major religion.

• those who forget that the United States was founded on the Judaeo-Christian ethic.

• those who think the word “diversity” appears anywhere in the Constitution.

• those with children who think they know everything while discrediting those without children as knowing nothing about the well-being of a child.

• those for late, dark mail delivery on the north side of town, and receiving other residents’ outgoing and incoming mail.

• those that are not your supervisor but think they need to keep track of everyone’s hours.

• those who think schools are better off today than they were before 1965 when God was taken out of them.

• restaurants playing music when their patrons are trying to talk.

Happy Birthday to …

• Julie Fox, from your family, Pat, Tanja, Eric and Donna.

• Dave Miller, from your family and Donna.

• Evadean Elkins from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Mark I. Burton, from his mother and father, Vera Merideth and Kenneth Merideth.

• Ella Jean, from Grandma Moss and Uncle Rick and everyone else who loves you.

• Kali Marie Joiner, from her Mimi, Papaw, Mom, Dad and sister.

• Clarence Cox on No. 75, from Annie, Brian, Josh and Austin Elkins.

• Jamie Lewis.

• William Galbraith.

• Jim Bob Christy.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Marvin, on our 60th anniversary, from your wife, Betty Lambert.