Letter: Say no to permitless gun bill

From: Denny Kubal


In order to protect the public and police officers, Indiana requires background checks for those wishing to carry a weapon in public. Indiana law enforcement will deny licenses to people who have histories of violent or emotionally unstable conduct, records of alcohol or drug abuse as well as convicted felons and domestic abusers. Last year over 3,000 requests were denied.

Several national special interest groups are pushing their agenda and urging that these useful protective measures be scrapped. State Rep. Jim Lucas, R-Seymour, and several Indiana legislators are bowing to pressure and pushing repeal to the detriment of our citizens and law enforcement.

Indiana State Police Alliance, which represents around 1,100 troopers, and the Indiana Association of Police Chiefs have come out against the measure.

“Licensing allows for us to vet or look into their criminal history and make sure they don’t have mental health issues that would eliminate them from being able to safely use a handgun,” said Rob Wiley, chief of police of the Kendallville Police Department.

“It eases your mind if someone is forthcoming and shows you their permit, along with their driver’s license and registration, during a traffic stop,” Vigo County Sheriff Greg Ewing said.

Brown County Sheriff Scott Southerland worries about the safety of his officers if this bill is enacted.

Please call your legislators and let them know we want to support law enforcement and oppose the permitless gun bill.