Peter Werner Schutz



Peter W Schutz, 87, of Naples, Florida, died at Hospice Naples, Florida, on Sunday, Oct. 29, 2017.

The Schutz family emigrated from Berlin to the USA during World War II.

Peter graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology and worked as an engineer for Caterpillar Tractor and then Cummins Engine Co. in Columbus, as VP of Sales and Service of US Truck Engines.

On January 1, 1981, he became first American to serve as CEO of Porsche AG in Stuttgart, Germany. Retiring from Porsche Dec 31, 1987, he and his wife, Sheila, moved to Naples, Florida, where they started their own consulting company Harris & Schutz, Inc.

Until his formal retirement in 2012, Peter traveled the world mentoring business leaders and lecturing on leadership and motivation.

Peter authored the book, “The Driving Force, Getting Extra Ordinary Results with Ordinary People,” which is available on and

He is survived by his wife Sheila; daughter, Lori Schutz of Michigan, two sons, Michael and Mitchel Schutz, in Indianapolis; and three grandsons. Local survivors include Donald and Patsy Harris of Hope, and Tim Harris and Jennifer Villiger of Columbus.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to the Camp Storer Peter W Schutz Family Endowment Fund at