Around Town – November 6

Nov 6

Orchids to

• Denise and Randy at Rust-Unger for making the beautiful monument and for being so kind and compassionate, from Karen.

• Sandcreek Extension Homemakers Club for their thoughtful project making surprise deliveries of some delicious baked goods to individuals in their local area.

• Bartholomew County Public Library for the great Veteran’s Day display.

• Richard McCoy, Landmark Columbus and Heritage Fund for bringing Exhibit Columbus and priceless national recognition to our community.

• the young lady driving the blue Jeep in the JayC parking lot at West Hill Center for telling me she saw the wheel cover come off my car and for picking it up for me.

• Kathleen Smith for your letter re-emphasizing the many good things about America, not always just the bad.

• Loren for helping Cameron and Jennifer Wood at Needler’s Market when Cameron was choking on a piece of candy.

• the person who found my cellphone and turned it in to Rural King, and to the kind lady who held it for me.

• The Republic for putting my newspaper outside my garage door yesterday.

Happy Birthday to

• Kathy Garrett, from your family and Donna.

• Joshua Morris and Clifford Olmstead, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Brooke Hopkins on No. 16, from Mom, Dad, Rachel and Caleb.

• Jackson Bryant on No. 1, from Aunt Amber and family.

• Jeanette McKim, from friends and Home Ec.

• Joyce Hill, from Elsie.

• Dmitri Alano.

• Janet McKinney.

• Jason Hardy.

• Trish Jenco.