Around Town – November 7

Orchids to …

• Matt Ferrell and Purdue Polytechnic Columbus for the tech talk discussion and demonstration on 3-D printing.

• Kathleen Smith for her wonderful letter published Sunday, describing the blame-America-first mentality of our educational system, and appealing for praise of this marvelous nation’s multitude of benefits to the world.

• Media, business and church supporters of the successful 50th anniversary turkey supper, from Petersville United Methodist Church.

• Karen Mize, Linda and Don Jackson and all who prayed, made noodles, carved turkeys, cooked, served, cleaned up or attended the weekend Petersville United Methodist Church’s Turkey Supper, from the Rev. Stormy Scherer-Berry.

• Kathleen Smith for her letter about the need for a different way teaching American and world history in our schools.

• Bethel Holiness Church for an awesome revival and luncheon Sunday, and for the kindness the church shows to people and visitors.

• St. Peters Lutheran Church for the music by the kids on Sunday, and for the sermon.

• St. Paul’s Episcopal Church for the lively Evensong service on Sunday evening.

• my hardworking wife, Laura Parker, congratulations on such a high score on the Armed Forces Qualification Test and other military tests, from Scott Parker.

• Duke Roll for being such a good dad, son, husband, grandson and special person, from your family and grandmother.

• unpaid volunteer coaches, for leaving your paid jobs early every day so you can volunteer to help kids play sports.

Onions to …

• those who insist on more toll roads when we already have too many.

• the local program that wasted our money because it did not have classes organized.

• people who get so obsessed over issues that they become fanatics trying to force others to agree with their point of view.

• the person who hit my car in the shopping center parking lot last Sunday, causing more than $800 damage, who then left.

• the local business that is making veterans work on Veterans Day.

• officials who think an 18-year-old is mature enough to vote for the leaders of the United States and fight for our freedom, but not old enough to drink alcohol.

• the northbound driver who illegally drove left of the concrete divider to turn onto 22nd Street at U.S. 31 and Beam Road, almost hitting my car as I was turning right onto Beam Road heading south on Friday afternoon.

• the person or persons who went through the trash that was outside our fence and then came in our yard and tore garbage bags open and strung it out all over everything Friday night.

• to the White House that is quick to label another mass shooting as a mental health issue.

• to letter writers that believe that our students need more state-funded propaganda.

• to a local publication for their choice of items to include.

• drivers who do not realize that you proceed with caution through an intersection when a light is flashing yellow and do not come to a complete stop.

• the local drainage board for doing nothing to Sloan Branch to avoid flooding.

Happy Birthday to …

• Dorothy Sturgeon and Haley Wangler, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Noah Hoover.

• Paul Ashbrook.

• John Deiwert.

• Margaret Grace Taylor, on No. 16, from Nana and Granddad.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Seth Spears on Nov. 2, from Dove Ministries.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Griff and Leah Roth.

• Dennis and Vilma on No. 58.