Around Town – November 10

Orchids to …

• Kroger pharmacy and technician Shawna for their help in delivering to Fairington Apartments.

• the woman in the Ford Freestar van who bought my breakfast at McDonald’s on Third Street, from the girl in the orange Dodge Charger.

• Chad Miller for the great job fixing my roof.

• Dr. J. Clayton Callaway’s dental office for all your help, from a senior citizen who doesn’t have insurance.

• Lorie Shoaf for being so giving and caring ahead of the holidays.

• the young man at the westside Walmart who helped an 82-year-old woman Oct. 30 with heavy groceries.

• the staff at Columbus Surgery Center for their excellent care.

Onions to …

• those who don’t realize that banning cars and trucks will not stop terrorists because they will pay no attention to bans, and it also hurts everybody else.

• America’s real mental health issue of being gun-crazy.

• elementary girls basketball parent who complained all night about the coach, making the game unenjoyable.

• elementary teachers who use teaching assistants to sharpen pencils instead of working with students.

• the school corporation that pays out a stipend over 26 periods instead of one lump sum.

• officials who called off the game instead of issuing technical fouls and player ejections, unfair to players who were not involved.

• a service-oriented society in which it seems no one knows how to do their job correctly anymore.

Happy Birthday to …

• Dr. Ike Wickstrom from the Reinbolds in Rosstown.

• Roxena “Rocky” Burton from her brothers and sister.

• Hunter Loweth, from family.

• Donna Ostick, from the Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Paul Hardin on No. 76 from Betty, the Maggards and the Fosnights.

• Jerry Webster from Rebecca Robinson.

• Vicky Miller, from Mom, Shawn and the Kirbys.

• Mom, from Zachary, Lyndsay and Weston.

• Robert Moore, from Francis Akers.

• Budro Hooten, from Nanny V.