Around Town – November 11

Orchids to …

• Noland Electrics for great customer service.

• Sterling Garage Doors for prompt, professional, and outstanding customer service, from Steve and Jody.

• the Columbus Salvation Army for sponsoring an awesome Gleaners food truck on Friday.

• Stephen at Rural King for helping the senior citizen with a cat harness and wire enclosure.

• the family who helped me during my diabetic crisis at the North band practice, and your thoughts, kindness and prayers were appreciated.

• Karen, a great boss at Keepsake Village, for all you’re going through, from the kitchen crew.

• elementary teaching assistants for the many things they do to help children, including sharpening pencils, from a former elementary teacher.

• Doug Southern and your guys for the fantastic job you did on my roof and our new gutters, from a happy customer.

• my wonderful wife for buying and treating my grandson and me to the Colts-Steelers game on Sunday, from your grateful husband, Mark.

• the former Marsh store, now Needler’s, for so many good buys and bargains, making it a pleasure to go in and shop.

• Anita Lynn Burton, for all the help you give me, from Mom.

• Susan Thayer Fye for her article in Friday’s paper.

• Rockcreek Elementary School students and staff for a beautiful Veterans Day program.

• the lady who helped me and paid for my salad at the hospital cafeteria.

Onions to …

• the family member who would leave out a man’s biological son and adopted daughter from an obituary, but include two stepchildren.

• those who are still trying to legalize medical marijuana when federal law still prohibits marijuana in all uses.

• people who believe mass shootings like the one in Texas are caused by evil, Satan or some other such nonsense, because that takes the focus off of getting more access to mental health services to the people who need it.

• the lady who ran the stop sign, almost getting hit in the driver’s door, possibly causing a fatal accident, scaring me silly, and almost having to live with the thought of potentially fatally injuring someone.

• the state representative who is anxious to come to Columbus for a photo opportunity, but will not respond to requests for a Town Hall session where he might have to answer questions directly from constituents.

• the business partners who block partners and their families on Facebook for no reason.

• those who keep our wonderful President Donald Trump from pursuing from what he needs to get done to make our country great again, such as building a wall to keep illegals out.

• the shooting range that needs to be moved to a non-residential area.

Happy Birthday to …

• Mary Knisley, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Brian Sims.

• Jake Wade.

• Ashley Gearhart Saver.

• Riley Jo Wilson

• Drew Hedrick.

• Patsy Harris.

• Abby Irvine.

Belated Happy Birthday to …

• Lauren Harker, from friends at the Moravian Church.