Letter: Harsh reality: Abused children need advocates

From: Chuck Grimes, Advocates for Children guardian ad litem


Columbus takes well-founded pride in its charitable attitude. A well-stated cause is almost guaranteed to get a significant response. A story describing the ninth annual Night of a Thousand Jacks recently was published. Created and sponsored by Advocates for Children, the latest headlined effort on behalf of our abused and neglected kids was “all good.” It was record-breaking, in fact.

Kids and their families dressed up, entered contests, played games and had a great time during their visit to FairOaks Mall in Columbus. Smiles and laughter abounded. Countless individuals and corporate sponsors demonstrated how seamlessly enjoyment and selflessness can hand-in-hand.

Unfortunately, as in the case of most causes rooted in an imperfect world (and community), there is a bottom line that some have difficulty recognizing.

In Columbus and the area, the bottom line is that the pumpkin party at FairOaks didn’t change one of the harshest realities of our community. For reasons largely related to drug abuse, we still have more than 300 abused and neglected human beings under the age of 18 who do not have a caring volunteer appointed to fight-the-fight on their behalf during their stay in the court system.

The check writers of Bartholomew County are surely needed and appreciated. If they could, kids would surely say “thank you.”

But what a shame it is that amongst all of the sharing of money, we can not find an effective amount of time to share on behalf of the cause.

A few hours a week can make a direct impact on these kids. With those few hours, a CASA volunteer can help turn a temporary Halloween smile into a permanent facial fixture.

It seldom is easy, but certainly always possible.

Find out how by calling 812-372-2808. That act of caring does not require money, only a few minutes of time.