Around Town – November 15

Orchids to …

• the city garage crew in the Cross Creek neighborhood for picking up trash that fell out of our toter that I knocked over as I was hurrying to take my son to school Monday.

• Shorty’s Restaurant for keeping the hamburger steak on the menu because it’s better than ever.

• Observant Red Lobster waitress who surprised a customer with a birthday dessert without being told.

• the Walmart employee who changed my headlight Monday.

• Messiah Baptist Church for the Veterans Day program it conducted Sunday and how beautiful the church looked, and to the pastor for the awesome sermon he delivered.

• Dr. Mark Hatfield for all the trouble you’ve gone through because we appreciate it, from Ray.

• Albert, a patriot for picking up my breakfast tab at Jill’s, from Don.

• our neighbors Mocha Jo, Mary Ann and Joe Johnson for the visits, cards and delicious desserts from, Loval and Ed.

• Central Heights Church of God for a very successful building fund campaign.

Onions to …

• the 100-plus organizations in Columbus that teach superstitious tripe that leads people to blame imaginary bad guys with pitchforks for the bad things people choose to do.

• those who don’t realize that federal law trumps state law and that there are more problems related to marijuana than benefits.

• bicycle riders who don’t think stop signs, stoplights and one-way streets apply to them, when they do.

• craft show organizers who announce how much each vendor made, making those that made very little feel bad.

• officials for not be able to stop the drug flow into the jail.

• the official who recently attended an autopsy that had no business being there.

• people who can’t see President Trump has done more for this country in one year than Obama did in eight.

• those who blame all their acts of evil or good on imaginary beings because you’re responsible for yourself.

• the company that performed a service for a homeowner after specifically being asked not to until further notice.

• employees who play on their phone and talk all day long.

• globalists who claim that Trump hasn’t done anything for our country because he’s already done plenty, and they’re just blind.

• those for not getting the mail delivered before 5:30 to 6 p.m. because it is not safe for mail carriers to deliver in the dark, and it is not convenient for the people who order mail orders.

• people who bring non-service dogs into grocery stores.

Happy Birthday to …

• Courtney Hegeneier, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Danielle Fields from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Lyndsey Hedrick.

• Elaina Trotter.

• Elizabeth Morgan Tedder.

• Emily Marie Tedder.

• Mike Emmert.

• Bob Henry.

Belated Happy Birthday to …

• Rhonda Harman on Nov. 11, from her friends, Betty, and J.D.