Around Town – November 16

Orchids to …

• all who refrain from putting up outside Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.

• whomever placed the “go green for Kidneys” message supporting Michael and Stormy on the Bob Poynter marquee.

• Wilson Kennels for taking such good care of our dogs, Baby, Bo and Oreo.

• the Trump administration for an awesome job getting respect back for this country.

• Dr. Gregory Phillips for the excellent job on my tooth implant.

• Sara and Kelly at Wellconnect for all their help with insurance.

• the Bartholomew County Honor Guard members — A.C. Reeves, Marty Kildren and Larry Wheeler — for their participation in the Veterans Day program at Mill Race Center, from the Lasting Impressions.

• Marilyn at Kohl’s for her exception service in finding the cat and dog throws.

• the person who found and turned in my wife’s military retirement ID card and other papers at Walmart.

• the awesome ladies at Big Lots for helping me find the icicle lights, from a grateful customer.

• She Magazine columnist Katie Glick for her piece on protecting the heart, which was so well said, from Shirley Holmes.

• the driver of the white Jeep with the IU license plates at the Starbucks on U.S. 31 on Monday morning, for my drink, an act that made my heart smile.

• my daughters and my son and their families for checking on me, from your mother, Betty.

• Turner’s Garage in Edinburgh for the good job on my car.

• Joan and Lee Trapp, Mary Anne Haskell, Joan and Ken Winkle, Don and Pat Stonecipher, for taking care of me while Bob was gone, from Connie Sherlock.

• Derrick, Deb and Hope Utilities for cleaning up my leaves early Wednesday morning.

• Hope First Baptist Church for delivering a good Thanksgiving meal, and serving so many.

Onions to …

• the city for another round of contaminated water.

• the lady so busy talking on her cellphone that she blew through the red light at Hawcreek and 17th Street on Tuesday afternoon, nearly T-boning me.

• those who fail to realize that voters determine legislators that write federal laws and that there are far more benefits to legalizing marijuana than keeping it illegal.

• a White House that wants to launch unfounded investigations into defeated opponents and shut down fact-based investigations against it.

• people who can’t see Trump has done more damage to this country in less than one year than the past five administrations on their worst days combined.

• those who do not understand the president is already doing what he said he would do to make America great again.

• nosy people who have no purpose in life other than to worry about what other employees are doing.

• all those Americans who think putting politics over morality and honesty is good for America and will make it great.

• those who do not realize that the president has not kept any of his campaign promises to date.

Happy Birthday to …

• Denny Cottongim, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Stacy Marie Hege-Papke.

• Reid Walters Phayer.

• Gary Henderson.

• Jason Hoover.

• Diane Engleking, from her friend, Betty.

• Steve Kessler, from Jenny.

• Autumn Elkins, love your family and friends.

• Angie Rose, from pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Jeremy Whittington, from Mom, Josh, Austyn, Jessica and Kevin.