Letter: Not too late to cancel Yellowwood timber sale

From: Rebecca Lorenz


I am horrified by how cheaply the Department of Natural Resources sold 299 acres of timber from the backwoods of Yellowwood State Forest, for a paltry $108,785 to Hamilton Timber Co. from Alabama.

Gov. Eric Holcomb did not stop the sale, but Daniel Antes stepped up the day before the sale and offered $150,000 to buy the timber to preserve the trees for a hundred years.

Our elected officials — state Rep. Milo Smith, R-Columbus; state Sen. Greg Walker, R-Columbus; and state Rep. Chris May, R-Bedford — still have time to put pressure on our governor to cancel the sale of our timber and take the higher bid from Antes.

There is something wrong when a private citizen from the area has to buy public timber from the state of Indiana in order to preserve our healthy, botanically rich forest for the taxpayers.