Letter: Review the facts; save Yellowwood State Forest

From: Michelle Carr


I am writing because I find myself overwhelmed with frustration that we must continually fight our government to save our environment. I have written Gov. Eric Holcomb, state Sen. Eric Koch, R-Bedford, and state Rep. Chris May, R-Bedford, multiple times regarding saving the Yellowwood State Forest from being logged. Holcomb has stated that he needs to review the science, but all of his statements are filled with the same rhetoric that the DNR’s Division of Forestry has repeatedly given us. None of what he has said reflects the science that was offered to him from more than 220 Hoosier scientists that reached out in concern.

When we listen only to the science paid for by those who stand to profit, we end up believing things like tobacco use doesn’t lead to cancer. However, companies like Exxon Mobil are starting to pay the price. Exxon Mobil, for example, is being sued by the Conservation Law Foundation for what it claims has been a decades-long campaign to cover up the risks of climate change, and some states are investigating the matter. Are we really going to wait until we no longer have an old-growth forest in Indiana before we realize the harm we have caused?

I am challenging our state’s government to review the facts and be proactive in saving a treasure that once gone, can’t be replaced. Save Yellowwood.