Court news – November 24

Joshua Gene Newman, 28, East Fountain Way, and Nikita Michelle Crippen, 28, East Fountain Way.

Barry Jay Kress, 63, South Poplar Drive, and Mary Sue Rolfsen, 63, Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

Kyle R. Vaught, 35, Seymour, and Jessica M. Estes, 28, South Poplar Grove.

Maria Ines Echeverria Molina, 29, Clairmont Drive, and Jairo Andres Martinez Garcia, 28, Clairmont Drive.

Cherie Marie Baker, 38, South Cherry Street, and Juan Pablo Ponce Viveros, 42, South Cherry Street.

Erin Marie Rosswurm, 31, Montclair, New Jersey, and David Thomas Walsh III, Haskell, New Jersey.

Claire Marie Perry, 36, South County Road 300W, and Derek Paul Wessel, 41, South County Road 300W.

Derek Matthew Kelley, 22, Hope, and Darrian Rochelle Low, 21, Hope.

Douglas James Leonard, 65, Taylor Court, and Laura Maria Hurt, 61, Conifer Court.

Austin Brian Fisher, 22, West County Road 625S, and Courtney Rae Fish, 22, Fieldstone Drive.

David Richard Wippermann, 65, Morgantown, and Bobbie Lynn Robb, 57, Hope.

Aminadad Sanchez Garcia, 36, Union Street, and Nery Hernandez Osorio, 38, Union Street.

David Edward Archer II, 28, North Shawnee Drive, and Jessica Ann Fisette, 30, North Shawnee Drive.

Ty’ric Da’Shawn Andrews, 26, Fairfield, Ohio, and Ashton L. Roddie, 26, Fairfield, Ohio.

Jessica Renee Hill, 37, California Street, and Gregory Raymond Hill, 59, California Street.

Angela K. Dawson, 52, Taylorsville, and Eric D. Zellner, 48, North Vernon.

Xanadu Mishele Daugherty, 29, Wandering Way, and Joshua Adam White, 36, Wandering Way.

Lauren Nicole Barks, 28, Southside Drive, and Trevor James Green, 29, Southside Drive.

Jerry Dean Meyer, 57, Park Avenue, and Lucinda Jane Meyer, 55, Park Avenue.

Richard Derick Anderson, 34, Jewell Street, and Christina Rana Law, 44, Jewell Street.

Tony Ellis Fultz, 37, North Beatty Street, and Christina Lynn Lawson, 37, Sycamore Court.

Brennan Andrew Pool, 32, Home Avenue, and Kiersten Jane Baker, 27, Home Avenue.

Joshua Michael Parker, 25, Hutchins Avenue, and April Dawn George, 37, Hutchins Avenue.

John Thomas Arrington, 22, Cottage Avenue, and Alexas Renee Slusher, 21, Cottage Avenue.

Trevor Dane Knotts, 23, Hope, and Tara Marlene Miller, 27, Hope.

Lloyd Henry Breaux Jr., 32 Henry Drive, and Katelin Nichole Garris, 23, Henry Drive.

Kathryn Grace Elkins, 33, West Old Nashville Road, and James Grant Thomas, 40, West Old Nashville Road.

Lucinda Grace Shannon, 25, Hope, and Justin James Maynard, 31, Hope.

Tracy Gail Rowlett, 53, Heritage Road, and Robert Lee Buchanan, 55, Chapel Drive.

Joseph Anthony Martin, 37, Smoketree Drive, and Rebekah Diane Shepherd, 35, Smoketree Drive.

Anthony Robert Cox, 25, Lee Street, and Jennifer Sublette, 26, Lee Street.

Alexandra Leigh Cutler, 26, Washington Street, and Matthew James Roberts, 24, Henderson, Kentucky.

Annabelle Burgmeier, 18, Elizabethtown, and Justin Michael Allman, 26, Elizabethtown.

Andrea Nicole Adams, 33, Cottage Avenue, and Joseph Adam Gootee, 32, North Vernon.

Taylor Marie Hamner, 21, California Street, and Raymond Allen Harper, 20, California Street.

Margaret H. Kim, 25, Raintree Drive South, and Kyle D. Kamman, 24, Raintree Drive South.

William Ray Money, 51, West Georgetown Road, and Dessica Jean Sharp, 48, West Georgetown Road.

Kasey Renee Caudill, 23, North County Road 150W, and Joshua Michael-Luke Halberstadt, 25, North County Road 150W.

Emilee Louise Buchanan, 24, Lucas Way, and Dylan Hunter Andrew, 27, Kennesaw Trail.

Justin Kyle Potts,36, Heritage Court, and Jennifer Ashley Sydow, 28, Thornton Court.

Melissa M. Mason, 32, 19th Street, and Arthur Fillmore, 55, 19th Street.

Thomas Ray Crouch, 69, Indiana Avenue, and Penny Sue Bryant, 64, Indiana Avenue.

Craig Richard Thomas, 40, Timber Ridge Drive, and Victoria Grace Matthews, 30, Timber Ridge Drive.

Laurel Danielle Wolfe, 24, Hummingbird Lane, and Luke Edward Zarnoth, 24, Dale.

Mark Anthony Floyd, 24, 25th Street, and Amanda Lee Buckler, 31, Laurel.

Cesar Jair Basurto, 30, Shadow Bend Drive, and Mariana Elizabeth Serrano, 22, Shadow Bend Drive.

Rebecca Williams, 44, Indianapolis, and Jossey Iyke Ubochi-Achunulo, 46, Indianapolis.

Scott Alan Weddle, 48, 16th Street, and Michele Dawn Comstock, 46, 16th Street.

Randy Dewayne Hill, 43, North Vernon, and Kimberly Jo Brown, 43, East County Road 125S.

Terrance Lee Gordon, 23, Scotland Drive, and Ashley Lavonne Stapleton, 24, Edinburgh.

Austin David Rohm, 25, Pearl Street, and Rachel Chloe McCue, 26, Fairlawn Drive.