Around Town – November 26

Orchids to …

• Amy Moster, physical therapy assistant for Columbus Regional Health, for truly caring about your patients.

• Mike Zieles for the clear and factual explanation of the thorny health care issue, from Bob V.

• Ralph Jewell’s letter that reminds us that trickle down economics has failed for over 30 years.

• Grandma/Mom Jan Moss for another awesome Thanksgiving dinner.

• the city of Columbus, Dave O’Mara Construction and mother nature for the wonderful new People Trail.

• The Republic carrier in Northgate edition for being so dependable and doing a great job.

• Nina Owens for her thoughtfulness and for taking the time to fix me a shirt so that I can wear my heart equipment.

Happy Birthday to …

• Bob Goecker, from Jeri, Mom, Tom, Max, Chad, Tina, and Kim and the rest of your family.

• Kristen Robbins, from Susi, Roger, Lorene and Tyler.

• Alvin Schaefer, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Mackenzie Coovert.

• Alan Patterson, from all your church buddies at St. Bartholomew Catholic Parish.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Ryan and Natalie Berkenstock, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Jordan and Stephanie Shoaf.

ANOTHER beautiful morning