Hope honors Hauser High School with logo on water tower

HOPE — The town of Hope is showing its pride over the accomplishments of the Hauser High School Jets.

Hope Town Council members paused at their meeting Nov. 21 to show a slide of the town’s recently repainted water tower which now features the Jets logo.

When the $280,000 tower project was approved in April, some council members began asking whether Hauser High School’s logo could be displayed on the side of the tower facing the school’s athletics facilities.

After estimates came in higher than expected, the council turned to the Hauser Booster Club for assistance.

During the meeting, Hope town manager J.T. Doane said the town received a $4,480 check on Nov. 16 to pay most of the cost of the logo.

Although the council faced an extremely full agenda, members paused long enough to watch a five-minute slide show featuring the Hauser volleyball team in action this fall. The second-ranked Jets made it to the Class A volleyball state finals but lost Nov. 2 to top-ranked Lafayette Central Catholic.

When the volleyball players and their coaches arrived at the meeting, council members and the audience gave them an enthusiastic standing ovation.

The town presented them with a full sheet cake featuring a team photograph on top, as well as several smaller cupcakes.

Doane also announced that council President Clyde Compton has signed a resolution declaring Nov. 30 as “Hauser Jets Volleyball Day.”

While town officials were pleased with the Jets logo, council member Ed Johnson had concerns about the printing of the town’s name on the other side of the water tower.

The word “Hope” is painted on the tower twice, but Johnson said one side is noticeably inferior to the other.

A formal inspection with measurements likely will be made in the spring to determine whether Johnson’s observation can be verified, town officials said.

If it is verified, the company that painted the tower may be asked to address the problem as part of their warranty.

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Mark Webber is a reporter for The Republic. He can be reached at mwebber@therepublic.com or 812-379-5636.